One of the tricks I have learned from Leo Babauta of zen habits fame is the power of making a public commitment. Your project may still be in its infancy and you may doubt your ability to finish it, let alone deliver something astonishing, but you come out and saIMG_0497y I am going to do this. It is a scary move, one which places you on the opposite end of the scale from politicians, who seem to be always looking for wiggle room. But giving a public undertaking formally ‘outs’ the project as one of your important goals and can act as a powerful reminder to yourself and a catalyst to spur you into action on those doldrum days.

With that in mind I hereby announce that I have started planning my second novel. Its working title is Perdition; and it will be set in Flanders and France in the fourteenth century. Yes, I know, fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

So wish me luck please, and keep checking back here for updates.

As for my first novel, I am still editing the second draft of Resilience. And I have a first reader working her way through the text. I had hoped that things would have progressed further, but that thought stems from impatience really. From a broader perspective, quality matters more than timing, and I am keen to hone the manuscript as much as I can.


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