The Shadows Cast by a Falling Child (work in progress)

SCFC mockupThe Shadows Cast by a Falling Child is set in Melbourne in 2009, at the time of the Black Saturday bushfires. Thematically, it draws heavily on my work experience with child protection and public mental health services.

Kurt Edelman is full of contradictions: a Buddhist who wears leather and plays violent computer games; a social worker who likes to have everything neat and tidy. The year: 2009. As Victoria burns, Kurt is facing disasters of his own, that will rock him to the core of his being.

Other central characters include Gecko, who has been in and out of foster care; Libby, an intelligent and sensitive girl who is struggling with depression and an eating disorder; and Caitlin, a psychologist who is in a strained relationship with a self-centred academic. And who is the sinister bikie who keeps appearing?

The Shadows Cast by a Falling Child is my first novel. I started outlining the plot in 2011 and completed a 105,000–word first draft in mid–2015. Since then I have been refining my manuscript.

In late 2017 I submitted an advanced draft for a manuscript assessment (a ‘structural edit’) with Writers Victoria. The editor’s feedback (“highly engaging, complex and well-plotted (…) an intelligent and moving novel”) was encouraging. She also offered several suggestions that helped me outline my work program for the upcoming final editing spurt.

The image used in the cover mock–up on this page is protected by copyright (©iulias via Shutterstock).

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