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GVH25052015Zen, good writing and compelling technology have one quality in common: simplicity. Think zen masters, Leonard Cohen, Jony Ive. This simplicity is deceptive. What appears to be the most obvious way for creating quality, fusing form and function, only emerges after years of dedicated, focused work. Clear that mind, craft that song line, trim that laptop design… This blog is my learning ground as I explore these issues, sharing with you what I discover along the way.

I was born in Belgium and have lived in Melbourne (Australia) since 1978. I have worked in education, child protection and public mental health. I am now working as an independent writer and as a part-time volunteer, teaching English to recently arrived migrants and refugees.

My dream is to publish my first novel by 2017. I am well on my way, with a second draft bubbling away in Scrivener. Resilience explores how vulnerable young people with mental health problems or in foster care can fall ‘through the net’, in spite of the best intentions of those charged with their care.

I am married and have two adult daughters. I love animals — cats and goats in particular. My family is my anchor, writing my passion and zen my chosen path. Buddhism, for me, is not about religion, but about the transformation of unhelpful behaviours. I believe people can change, no matter how difficult their circumstances, just like the lotus plant can transform the murkiness in which it is rooted into a stunning flower. Zen is not sectarian, so I guess it is okay if my favourite quote comes from Gandhi: ‘we must be the change we want to see in the world‘.

Gilbert F. J. Van Hoeydonck


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