things 2 and omnifocus compared

The choice between Omnifocus and Things has been a matter of discussion in the mac community for a number of years now. Each of these two task management apps has its proponents and detractors. For some, Things embodies elegance and Omnifocus complexity. However, users who have used both often keep shuttling back and forth, seemingly unable to choose between the two. When using Things they miss the hierarchy of subtasks and subfolders available in Omnifocus. After switching back to Omnifocus, they miss the simplicity of Things and the ability to attach multiple tags to a task. They find being restricted to using a single context in Omnifocus frustrating as it means, for example, that allocating a ‘waiting for’ context to a task means that the original context has to be removed first and possibly reinstated later. In Things you just add a ‘waiting for’ tag alongside your original tag(s). But what a pity tasks cannot be indented…

The recent release of Things 2 for Mac, iPad and iPhone makes it worth revisiting this discussion. Things 2 introduces a number of significant improvements, including cloud synching, a daily review system, improved date picking on the iPad and integration with Reminders and Siri. These new features are described clearly on the Things website; my aim in this post is to compare the current functionality and the respective strengths of Omnifocus and Things 2.

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no more herding cats: schedule meetings online with doodle

Oh the joy of convening meetings. Fifteen participants from different organisations. Some using Outlook, some Lotus Notes, some not quite sure what they are using. Some can never meet on Wednesdays; others work only on Wednesdays. City participants want to meet at the start or the end of the day. Country participants want to meet around lunchtime so they can leave and return home at a reasonable hour.

Sounds familiar? Online scheduling tools will not resolve issues of preference or availability, but they can minimise the time you spend finding out about them by sending emails or leaving phone messages all over the place. I have been using Doodle, a free browser-based scheduling tool, ever since my eldest daughter recommended it to me. Continue reading